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Learn Siebel EIM from best Institutes in Akola. Siebel CRM systems is a software company headquartered in United states is acquired by Oracle Corportion on September 12, 2005. Siebel EIM is a server component in the Siebel EAI component group which is the primary method of loading mass quantities of data into the Siebel database and transfers data between the Siebel database and other corporate data sources. It is capable of importing external data into the Siebel database. It starts with the Siebel client to show where the data will be displayed, uses Siebel Tools to determine the source table and column and the EIM table; uses the EIM table report to identify the EIM columns; uses SQL to insert data into the EIM table; uses the Siebel client to submit the EIM job and inspect the results; and finally uses SQL to verify the results.

The main objectives of this course are to acquire knowledge of Table Mappings, Knowledge of EIM Architecture, Hands-on exposure to create EIM configuration file, Hands-on exposure to running Import, Export, Update data operations using EIM. The individuals will have working knowledge of various components using by the Enterprise Integration Manager. They will be aware of considerations at the database level, important of user keys, how they match with foreign keys, understanding performance tuning aspects while running jobs, using basic sql queries, etc. They will also get an insight into troubleshooting configuration issues during normal course of development.

In this component the data from the record we select as the surviving record are preserved. Data from the other records are lost. If there are other records associated with the records you merge, those records—with the exception of duplicates—are associated with the surviving record. EIM is designed to import large volumes of data. Most failures are caused by data errors. It is usually faster and easier to correct the data errors and resubmit the corrected rows as part of a subsequent batch than to reprocess an entire batch. EIM does not stop when failures occur.

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