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Learn Software Installation from best Institutes in Akola. software installation is the process of installing the necessary files, drivers, applications along with the plugins and software onto a computer through a installer a specialized program responsible for doing whatever is needed for their installation.

Installation process typically involves code being copied or generated from the installation files to new files on the local computer for easier access by the operating system. Because code is generally copied in multiple locations, uninstallation usually involves more than just erasing the program folder.
Common operations performed during software installations include:
1. Making sure that necessary system requirements are met
2. Checking for existing versions of the software
3. Creating or updating program files and folders
4. Adding configuration data such as configuration files, Windows registry entries or environment variables
5. Making the software accessible to the user, for instance by creating links, shortcuts or bookmarks
6. Configuring components that run automatically, such as daemons or Windows services
7. Performing product activation
8. Updating the software versions.

There are different types of installations depending on the users handling which are Attended installation, , Silent installation, Unattended installation, Headless installation, Scheduled or automated installation, Clean installation and Network installation.
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